Red Flags Review by Zook

(Note: This review was written by one of our employees, Zook. He purchased the game on his own, and any views/opinions are his own, and do not necessarily represent the reviews of Kryptonite Kollectibles/Goblin King Games or any one else associated with the store.) We get customers in every week searching for the very popular […]


Force Friday Is Coming!

Force Friday is almost upon us, and to celebrate the return of our beloved Star Wars universe, we are having a special 20% off sale on all Star Wars merchandise at both locations Friday through Sunday!


Force Of Will in full effect!

The hottest TCG to release in years is in-stock and available for order right now! We have booster boxes and singles so you can get ready for our weekly Sunday Force Of Will tournaments starting May 10th at 1pm! Don’t miss out on your chance to win super rad playmats, promos,  packs and more! Booster […]


Friday Night Magic Changes & You!

A couple days ago Wizards Of The Coast announced some upcoming changes to the Friday Night Magic program, which you can read here. This is what Wizards offered at Pro Tour Khans  Of Tarkir: Now, these changes don’t take place until January, but will allow us all more freedom in what formats Kryptonite Kollectibles will […]