Don’t be a Scaredy Cat!

Posted by Corey on Sep 11th 2018

In case you’re one of those people that doesn’t change your calendar because that sweet picture of Han Solo on February 8th just never loses it’s charm, its nearly October!  I know, I know.. Time flies when you never know the odds.

Interestingly enough, important things happen in October.  Cider donuts get eaten.  Marshmallows get roasted.  Kids wander around the street at dusk knocking on stranger’s doors begging for food.

Wait… what?

THAT’S RIGHT!  Halloween is coming!

Are you one of those people that goes all out?  Gets your fancy dancy super scary yard zombies with strobes going in the background.  Slow fog moving across your yard as the sound of Werewolves and rattling chains echos through your bushes.  No?  That’s all right, I suppose.  Every party needs a party pooper.   Might as well just scoff at the passerby cars as they look in astonishment and envy as they pass your neighbor’s house.  Because he’s totally one of those guys.  His house always has the coolest ghosts and the rad coffin with Dracula that rises up proclaiming his thirst for kool-aid!

Well, not everyone can be like that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread some Halloween Fear and Cheer around your home or office in your own way!  Don’t let this Halloween go by without professing your love for all things creepy and crawly!  Let’s look around and see what we have! Halloween shirt is where it’s at!  With the upcoming sequel that is getting some absolute rave reviews, now is your chance to grab that special someone and put on your tough act while wearing this sweet piece of Halloween gear.  You don’t get scared at the creepy parts, do ya?
 you gamers out there we have this sweet expansion for King of Tokyo!  The Halloween Collector’s Pack 1!  This comes complete with the incredible Pumpkin Jack and the scary Boogie Woogie along with every component for their Evolution cards.  Don’t let that Tuesday game night bring you to tears from boredom.  Scare everyone as you crush Tokyo as Pumpkin Jack! And for more gaming gear, check out our page entirely based around Collectible, Trading Card and Board Games!

Bring some serious Halloween surprises to your Mantle or Office with Jack Skeleton’s House!  Dept 56 does it again with this extremely detailed and accurate representation of Jack’s house from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Not only will people know you’re a serious collector, but you have amazing taste in movies!  This set comes complete with Jack and Zero so you’ll always have someone to talk to!  Don’t be afraid, Zero won’t bite!  Pick this one up before it’s a goner! that dog who’s boss with this Premium Toddler Costume.  Not only will you live out your dreams of being a fuzzball, but every captain needs a co-pilot to help defend the galaxy!  Help bring the Force to your Toddler and together you can rule your own Galaxy of Halloween goodies!  Crafted by the talented people at Princess Paradise, so you know it’s a quality piece!  Just remember, it’s not wise to upset a Wookie!

Well, I hope that gives you a couple sweet ideas to dress up your loved ones, spice up game night or bring out sheer jealousy in your cubical neighbors.  Kryptonite Kollectibles has hundreds of other items to help you show everyone you’re serious about Halloween and they should be too!

Take a gander and browse our Halloween section or use the search and hunt down some absolutely scary deals for yourself!

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