Red Flags Review by Zook

(Note: This review was written by one of our employees, Zook. He purchased the game on his own, and any views/opinions are his own, and do not necessarily represent the reviews of Kryptonite Kollectibles/Goblin King Games or any one else associated with the store.)

We get customers in every week searching for the very popular Cards Against Humanity card game. Unfortunately, CAH is only available directly from the publisher, through their Amazon store, or through retailers who purchase the game at retail, and then mark it up from there, a practice we’d rather not get into the habit of.

However! We do have a couple of options. Crabs Adjust Humidity is an unofficial third party “expansion” that plays just like the original game. We also carry “Personally Incorrect” which puts a personal twist on the Cards Against Humanity gameplay; each card that the judge reads includes a space to name a player at the table. We carry both the base game, as well as the first expansion.

A couple of other options are games from Skybound like Superfight, and Red Flags.

In Superfight, players use cards in their hands to create a character. Then everyone sits around and argues about which character would win in a fight. Just like us nerds who argue Superman vs Batman, or the Millennium Falcon vs the USS Enterprise! Win! Or lose. But. Ya know.

Red Flags is a hilarious party game where one player is “the single”. Everyone else plays cards from their hands to try and set the single up on a blind date. Then other players have the opportunity to play a “red flag” on another player. The Wealthy doctor that likes long walks on the beach? Yeah, now he dreams of murdering you in your sleep!

After all of the red flags are played, players try and convince the single to go on a date with THEIR creation. Hilarity, I assure you, ensues.

We carry the base Superfight! game (when we can keep it in stock) as well as a slew of fun expansions. We also carry the base Red Flags game, as well as the first expansion, Dark Red Flags, which adds some very NSFW cards to the mix.

We also carry a bevy of other great party games such as the smash hit Codenames from last year, The Resistance, and more! Every looking for a game for a particular event, or crowd, stop in and ask. We have a little something for every group, and taste.




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Friday Night Magic Changes & You!

A couple days ago Wizards Of The Coast announced some upcoming changes to the Friday Night Magic program, which you can read here.

This is what Wizards offered at Pro Tour Khans  Of Tarkir:
Now, these changes don’t take place until January, but will allow us all more freedom in what formats Kryptonite Kollectibles will be able to host on a weekly basis. 

Right now we will continue to host our 7pm Chaos Booster Drafts  weekly, but starting in January, we will also begin having Commander tournaments starting at 6pm and running alongside the drafts, meaning you will be able to get FNM promos simply by playing commander!

Are there any other formats you would love to play once in a while? I figured a “Flex slot” every month for a special FNM event would be fun, maybe Cube, Emperor, Block Constructed, Pauper, or something else fun and easily accessible to lots of players.

Sound off! Let’s make FNM by the players, for the players!